Baikal shoreline Hotels

The Legend of Baikal hotel lies at one of Baikal’s most scenic sights – at the Angara River affluence, opposite the legendary Shaman Rock, 64 kilometers away from Irkutsk city, in Listvyanka settlement. Combination of clean Lake Baikal air, pine tree fragrance and hotel premises filled with greenery creates a unique atmosphere of unity with nature, peace and relaxation. The blend of Western-style service and homey comfort both make a very pleasant impression on our guests, making them want to come back again and again.

There are 37 rooms at our customers’ service, ranging from standard single rooms to lush suites.

Baikal shoreline hotels welcome you to have the best vacation at Lake Baikal.

Do you fancy having a vacation at a scenic sight on the shores of this Siberian lake? Are you dying to see the Shaman Rock and other legendary landmarks of the “Irkutsk Sea”? Then choose Baikal shoreline Hotels.

The Legend of Baikal hotel welcomes you. The ancient lake’s mysteries and Siberian nature in its full splendor – you will find everything for your physical and spiritual relaxation. Excellent service at Baikal shoreline hotels will make your stay here unforgettable.

The hotel’s comfortable rooms are designed to meet the needs of a wide range of visitors. Room categories include:

  1. Standard (single and double) rooms;
  2. Standard +;
  3. Studio;
  4. Deluxe;
  5. Suite for men;
  6. Suite for women.

All rooms can host either one or two guests.
Room prices include breakfast.

Things to do at Legend of Baikal

Russian Pool

This spectator sport will help you spend quality time, meet old friends and make new ones. Being a wonderful leisure activity, pool bands people together.


Here is a place to have fun, relax, and forget all your problems. It’s a wonderful way of bettering your health. Apart from that, this pastime is very in, and is a characteristic feature of a successful person.

Conference hall

Choosing a conference hall for your business meetings and negotiations is not easy.

Waterfront BBQ

Cooking food over naked flame comes close to a sort of shamanistic ritual. There is no other place like Baikal shoreline Hotels to enjoy your meal along with the fragrant smoke and heady herb aromas. Great way of having a tasty and tasteful outing!


Our restaurant caters for all tastes, with dishes ranging from specialty salads to banquet dishes, featuring the cooking art at its utmost expression. Our 80-seat panoramic restaurant is ideal to hold wedding dinners or banquets. Our table service is renowned for its excellence.

Additional services at Baikal Hotels –in catering, nothing is to be neglected

That is why we have taken care of everything. As you arrive, you will appreciate a cozy parking lot right next to the hotel. Come and choose any type of recreation currently on offer while the video control system takes care of your safety and the safety of your belongings.

Here is a list of special services provided by the Baikal shoreline Hotel you are welcome to enjoy:

  1. Equipment rental;
  2. Guided tours;
  3. Transfer;
  4. Ordering plane and railroad tickets;
  5. Internet access;
  6. Business center services;
  7. Laundry;
  8. Room-service.

We hope all this will make your stay at the Legend of Baikal all the more comfortable. Please pay special attention to our guided tour and equipment rental services. There are some sights at the lake you simply can’t miss. Especially for those preferring outdoor activities, our restaurant offers several tourist-style dinner menus.

You may have noticed that very few Baikal shoreline hotels offer quality European-level service. Please make the right choice and call us to:

  1. Make a room reservation.
  2. Book a table at the restaurant.
  3. Request any additional information.
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